• Dear,

    I have the following setup:

    • LAN : (vlan 10 on re0)
    • WifiPrivate: (vlan 1001 on re0)
    • WifiPublic: (vlan 1002 on re0)
    • WifiTrusted: (vlan 1003 on re0)
    • Servers: (vlan 100 on re0)
    • ISP01 : PPPoE (vlan 11 on re0)
    • modem ISP01: DHCP (vlan 11 on re0)
    • ISP02 : PPPoE (vlan 12 on re0)
    • modem ISP02: DHCP (vlan 12 on re0)

    I have a few network devices that have a fixed ip, distrubuted by pfsense.  All these devices are on the LAN range (see : http://kris.derocker.name/pfsense/DHCPleases/dhcpleases.jpg).

    Now, i want the device "IT2GO-netbook", that use vlan 1001 and get's ip, to have a fixed ip.
    So i click on the + and then i get the error "The following input errors were detected:The IP address must not be within the DHCP range for this interface.".  But it is!  It isn't in the IP range, but in the IP range of the VLAN1001, as you can see on http://kris.derocker.name/pfsense/DHCPleases/vlan1001.jpg

    Can anyone please help me with this?  It's quite urgent because my ISP offer me a /27 IP subnet that i can't route to the correct vlan when that doesn't work…

  • When you say that you want a fixed IP, do mean issued by DHCP?
    If so the you have to reduce the range not to include the IP you want to assign.
    So if you want for the laptop the the range must not include that address.
    so set something like: -

    I would usually leave a bunch at each end of the range for servers and router etc., or just flexibility, unless you need them all. -

  • What i mean is that i use DHCP to give some devices everytime the same IP address (static DHCP lease).  Pfsense knows the mac adress of the device and knows which IP address belongs to that MAC address

  • I get that, but as in your other static addressed IP's delivered by DHCP, they must not be within the range that you have set.

    Look at your LAN tab the left hand Range box will have an IP if 10.0.0.x, where x is something greater than 52, probably 100.
    The DHCP range is a subset of the full range and does not cover the statics that you have added the bottom.

    You have selected the full range at the top of the page, -, so you can't add ANY static's to that network. Reduce the range at the top of the page so there is space for the static address
    Change the left hand range box to '10.101.0.x' where 'x' is anything greater than '2' i.e. 3,4,5 etc. you can leave the top end if you wish at

    Then there will be room for

    I think one of us is having a bad day, eh?