Strange issue pfsense on VMware workstation.

  • Hey all,

    So here is what we have going on, and it has me scratching my head. I have my lab server which runs Windows Server 2008 R2 and VMware Workstation 8. I have 3 NICs in the server, 1 for VMware network 1 (everything disabled except VMware bridge protocol), 1 for VMware network 2 (Everything disabled except VMware bridge), and 1 for Management of the OS, and sharing files. So here is the strange thing, I have a NAT firewall rule for RDP to the server (so I can access it from outside the lab) which works to initially connect, but then drops the session. I changed the RDP rule to a different PC and it works fine, however if I RDP back to the lab server that hosts pfsense, pfsesne locks up for a few minutes dropping my connection. I thought I would get smart and try setting up a VPN and then RDPing to the server, but still no go.

    So I guess my question is, is there some sort of routing issue, or VMware misconfiguration that is causing these issues, or is this behavior normal for pfSense in VMware workstation?