Lan / wan shows traffic when no one is online

  • hi

    i have couple of pfsense boxes installed and found this strange problem:

    1- pf box A shows 500 kb/s traffic on the wan graph when no one is online even if i disconnect the lan cable. setup is as follows:
    a- wan card connected as ppoe to bridged dsl modem
    b- lan card connected to cable 1 modem and then the cable modem connected to another cable after 300 meters distance then a 24 ports switch is installed to which is port is connected to wirless access point

    2- pf box B shows 325 kb/s traffic on the land graph when no one is online and the lan side shows 0 kb/s. setup is as follows:
    a- wan is connected as ppoe to bridged dsl modem
    b- lan card is connected to a 8 ports switch where 1 port is connected to a wireless access point and 4 ports connected to a 16 ports switch where each of the 16 port is connected to client's laptop directly or via wireless access point to more than one laptop.

    why this is happening and how to solve this pro blem

    help really appreciated and thanks in advance for the help


  • Precisely which graphs - dashboard or Status -> RRD Graphs, Traffic, WAN (or LAN)?

    You will probably need to do a packet capture on the appropriate interface. pfSense will source pings on the WAN interface but they shouldn't consume even 10s of kilobits per second.

  • on the dashboard

  • Do you have the squid package installed?  I had a similar issue way back, and it was squid continuously downloading updates to the stored cache

  • i do have squid installed but the traffic was towards outside (upload) not inside, i want to spend sometimes checking wireless devices, disconnect them one by one, maybe its noise or data collision