Pf 2.01 Release and Virtualbox ose addition

  • hi , i m using Virtualbox in Windows and 2.0.1-RELEASE (i386) built on Mon Dec 12 18:24:17 EST 2011 as

    guest, before upgrade i use Pfsense 2.0 rc 1 and add package using 'pkg_add -r virtualbox-ose-additions'.

    Its run fine but now i cant , when i tried to add that package its says "unable to get URL file

    unavailable, file not found, no access. Unable to fetch by URL". Is there any workaround to add this



  • Netgate Administrator

    This is not a 2.1 issue.

    The problem is that FreeBSD archived the packages for 8.1 so you need to either change where pfSense is looking or tell it where the file is directly. E.g.

    pkg_add -r


  • thank you very much !