• I am new to using firewalls such as this and wasn't sure where else to place this question.

    I use MediMonkey to organize and tag my mp3's.  Since setting up pfSense, when I attempt to use the "Auto-Tag via the Web" option, it comes up with nothing. This has only started since putting pfsense in place instead of using the old WRT54GS.

    What can I check or change to allow this to happen?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Interesting. Is your pfSense setup a simple WAN and LAN configuration?

    Check your firewall logs immediately after trying to 'auto tag'. Anything blocked will be shown.

    What is the exact response from media monkey when you try to auto tag?


  • Yeh it's a simple WAN/LAN config. But my problem got solved this morning. MediaMonkey updated itself when i opened it to check what it said in the firewall logs. Oddly enough the new version uses the same configs for auto-tagging as the previous version, but it works. Oh well. Thanks anyway.