• Hello,

    Has anyone successfully been able to configure PFSense so that IGMPv3 traffic can be passed upstream to the 2Wire RG?  I have tried various methods such as:


    But no dice, after 10 seconds when the stream appears to change from unicast to multicast the channel freezes.

    2wire -> PFSense WAN ( -> PFSense LAN ( -> GS116e switch with IGMP snooping enabled (so it doesn't flood non IPTV boxes with multicast traffic.

    Note:  if I plug my GS116e directly into the 2Wire all is well.

    Any ideas?  I've spent 2 weeks on this so if anyone has done this and can help me get mine going I'd happily pay via PayPal…I'm that frustrated lol.

  • Update- was able to get everything working after several more hours of trial an error.  Initially I thought it was perhaps something tied to DHCP options but that does't appear to be the case.

    Regardless, all is well now and the Uverse STBs are working fine behind PFSense =)