• Personally, I'm in trouble, and did not discover the problem, so see my scenario.

    My modem is in the network, the fw is in the wan and my lan is, it's all 100% nat only that work got n. I have an application that needs to be accessed from outside, I run a no-ip in it. this application is in, the made ​​a nat prprio modem, tbm already liberated the gates of FW, but no works. What could be? routing? thank you

  • On the WAN interface-  Did you unclick "Block Private Networks"?

    On the modem-  You put the pfSense box in the DMZ or port forwarded everything to it?

    On your incoming firewall rules on the pfSense box-  click "Log packets that are handled by this rule" and see if it shows up in the logs…

    Can you put your modem in bridge mode and have the pfSense box do the login?

  • Resolved, thank you very much for the idea, I put the PPPoE and pfsense as a bridge only modem briedg. 100% Valew.