Different card is the same as DUID

  • my an client server has two NIC,but it is Different card is the same as DUID.

    if I want to setup Static ipv6 address for that two NIC,How I do ?

  • correct, the duid file is generated the 1st time the dhcp6 client launches. It identifies the host, not the network interface.

    This is normal.

    If you just want to assign a static IPv6 address the duid is irrelevant.

  • well.., then why DHCPv6: Edit static mapping show ?
    DUID Identifier
    Enter a DUID Identifier in the following format:
    "DUID-LLT - ETH – TIME --- ---- address ----"

    How I do input it?  I can input MAC address like ipv4 ?

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