• I think i read somewhere you cannot do Multi-WAN if your remote gateways are all the same but i cannot find a reference to that now.

    I have 5 aDSL connections connected via very cheap netgear routers to pfsense running in ESX. They are connected via PPPOE to the same service provider. I'm not worried about performance but the netgears drop continuously, so I only want to round robin between them or move between tiers as they go down as i'm sick of rebooting them all the time.

    If i set them up in Multi-WAN it seems that some times connections work and sometimes it just doesn't respond, however if i'm connect directly to the netgear(s) it works fine.
    All the config i've done is the wizard plus added the WAN's with different IP's and gateways, added a gateway group and then put that on the default LAN rule.

    Is what i am attempting a supported configuration?