Multiple PPPoE over one WAN

  • Can I setup multiple PPPoE connections over one WAN interface?

  • No, currently we only support one PPPoE connection at the original WAN interface.

  • well multiple pppoe over multi wan or maybe single wan looks to be more possible now. is there a lot of interest in this.
    i have been playing with mpd lots and i can see how it is proberly possible. obviously over the same wan seems very silly i dont know why what the result of it would be but i can see how you could do it.

    any further thoughts on this would be great. i am happy to try to do it if there is enough interest in it

  • PPPoE on OPTs would be nice aldo  ;)

  • will start work on this next week.

    we need a syntax for making mpd-pppoe-wan mpd-pppoe-opt1 folders and to allow the configuration to work.(there must be something that pfsense already uses.) i will look around and see what is available.

    with this done it will be easy. i guess it will proberly be two functions pppoe-client-wan and pppoe-client-opt
    as the opt code seems to be there anyway

  • Multiple PPPOE with up to three or four DSL-Lines and so on?  Wanna have!

  • yep have started on this idea. will have to put a few cavets on it it seems.
    (1) proberly a limit on how many maybe 10 would be fair.
    (2) will be easy to get mpd working but aliases and load balancing code looks to be the problem areas there are some nasty looking hacks in there for getting the interface and ip address.
    (3) will look for some help from load balancer and filter dev when i get the core code working

  • for having something like "selfmade-Bonding" it may be nice to have 2 computers: one with PfSense for taking your Networks traffic to the PPPoE-Lines and a second Computer in a Server-Housing to get these Data together to the Net.

    The traffic from the intranet could be tunneled and pushed through the PPPoE Lines to the second Computer.

    This may increase the Speed of the Internet-Connection up to around 50 MBit/Sec Download and up to 5 MBit/Sec Upload if you can bond 10 DSL-6000 lines. It will be a real fast Network…

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