Watchguard X700 Kernal Panic

  • Guys,

    I have just installed pfsense on a watchguard x700 straight to a hard drive, and everything is fine! but for some strange reason after a day or so, the pfsense installation crashes and when you reboot it, comes up with a kernal panic. Any suggestions? Is this hardware related? What am i doing wrong?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I haven't seen that myself or seen it reported.
    Can you get any backtrace info?

    Bad ram? Overheating?

    My own X700 has died, it won't post anymore. Several other users have reported bad capacitors which makes sense since it's a design from the capacitor plague era. In my experience bad capacitors will stop it booting before it starts crashing. I guess that all depends which cap(s) are bad.


  • Thank you for getting back to me, however i believed it was a bad hard drive i had installed, but i replaced it with a 4GB CF card and now seems to be stable. Its better with a CF installtion, seems to be a lot quicker and less heat.