Vlan issue on v.2.0.1 when backup and restore config.

  • Hello ,
    I've been using pfsense for a couple of months now for my home on witch i am using it to traffic shape 5 adsl connection at my residential building … and the pfsense installed on an Intel Atom dual core 330 with the build in ethernet port as a LAN( re0 ) port and a PCI ethernet card steed as the WAN( rl0 ) .so the configuration consists of, at the basement of the building ( where all the wiring beggings ) and the 5 adsl connections connect to a 8port managed switch with Vlans , starting from
    Vlan tag10 - adsl 1
    Vlan tag20 - adsl 2
    Vlan tag30 - adsl 3
    Vlan tag40 - adsl 4
    Vlan tag50 - adsl 5  and the TRUNK ports number 8 of the switch. So the trunk port is connected to the Wan( rl0 ) port on pfsense with the correspondingly ports on the switch, everything works like a charm if you set up the machine from scratch ....
    Where the problem begins is when i am exporting the configuration from the hard disk and import it to an exact identical machine but with a compact flash 4G instead if a hard drive ... the configuration is being restored BUT None of the configured VlanS are working /communicating and if i go to interfaces - vlans and create a new one with the " Vlan Tag 60 " for example it works perfectly , also if i delete and re setup the already configured vlans 10 - 50 none of them work ... Is anyone having the same problem with me ???...

    thank you in advance..