Proper way to bridge?

  • So I have a bridge with my LAN and WLAN and it works however not sure if I have it configured correctly or not.

    The bridge is defined using interfaces LAN,WLAN

    However under interface assignments I do not tie the bridge0 Network Port to any interface.

    Everything works as expected however I am wondering if I should be doing it the other way and creating an OPT3 interface and make that part of the bridge with WLAN and then create the LAN interface using the bridge0 network port.

  • No comments?

  • Netgate Administrator

    The documentation on bridging is a little sparse. Especially for 2.0.X where bridging changed somewhat.

    It is my understanding that your second description is the correct way to bridge interfaces in 2.0. However if it's working for you….  ;)

    If you do reconfigure your interfaces as described it's worth noting that since you can now assign a bridge interface, like any other, you can choose to have firewall filtering either on the bridge interface itself or on the member interfaces.
    By default filtering is on the member interfaces which is suitable for a transparent firewall for example. However if you wish to bridge interfaces simply as a convenient way of connecting network segments, to connect a wifi AP say, then you can filter on the bridge interface instead. To do this you need to change two values in: System: Advanced: System Tunables: and

    This is as I understand it from my own testing and reading other posts but I'd love to hear from one of the developers on this.


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