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  • hi

    i try to setup load balancing as per doc. i got stuck at the firewall aliases, so i couldn't finish the setup, i even tried monowall doc about aliases, still stuck there for 6 hours, so i had to delete back my load balancing.

    is there a doc that explain in detail loadbalncing?

    thank you

  • Do you mean this part of the document:
    http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Multi-Wan/Load-Balancing#Set_up_useful_aliases ?

    I've just added a screen shot - does that help?


  • I'm in the same boat – Using two cable modems as my WAN inputs.  Recognized, but cannot configure properly to allow Load balancing or even Failover to work.

    The DSL guide is somewhat difficult to adapt to cable modems as they aren't deal with the same way (They aren't router/modems) -- But I can use the IP's assigned to modems as 'static' ..

    On the Alias part of the guide the one picture of the HTTPs doesn't really explain for (dumb me), how to configure the other aliases as you don't select the same options for SS6520s  , and SS6520a1, and SS6520a2 --

    Which I'm sort of confused on with not being able to assign my cable modems a 192.168.xxx.xxx IP range -- It will have to be the IP of the Modem(s) themselves.  Most likely making it even easier, just trying to figure out where to go next for Loadbalancing, and failover.

    Not trying to hi-jack the thread -- just sort of wondering if that one image on the aliases is all that was ever there?

  • Skip that part of the doc. It's only needed to access the modemrouters from LAN to configure them if needed.

  • @hoba:

    Skip that part of the doc. It's only needed to access the modemrouters from LAN to configure them if needed.

    Just a quick question –

    Under Services --> Load Balancer --> Pools

    Type should = Gateway
    Behavior = Load Balancing

    Monitor IP = Just any IP in my local 'wan' network that isn't highly public.

    My question here: (Provided the rest is proper):

    Do I pick separate monitor IP's for each Interface (WAN/WAN2) ?

    Ie: Monitor IP: DNS server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx for WAN1  -- > Then click Add to Pool

    Then back up to Monitor IP: DNS server (or perhaps a manually entered IP of a router in the 'cable network') for WAN2 --> Then click Add to Pool.

    Then Save.


    Does each WAN need a different monitor IP?  If so why?

    Or do I need to pick something like WAN1's gateway as the monitor IP for WAN2, and Vice Versa?

    Would I have better luck manually entering known ip's?


  • you need a monitor ip from both isp's networks
    so that the software can see withs isp network is down
    and switch to the other isp network
    and temp. remove the downed isp network from the loadbalingsing pools

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