Odd Behavior with Hardware

  • ISSUE:

    If I swap out hardware but same identical configuration of pfSense 1.2.3 (not going to 2.x yet), my VoIP PBX Server can not get on the Internet from the VoIP PBX.  What's even more odd is that only a certain thin client (converted to pfSense), has no problem, but if I put in a pfSense desktop hardware (P4 or Atom) it stops working.  The rest of the network can get on the Internet regardless of which hardware used by pfSense, it is just the PBX that can not get online with the desktop converted pfSense.


    • Switch is 48 port - GS748TP using out default values (has been reset)
    • Desktops that do not work; Dell Dimension (2 different types - P4), an Atom D520 - Intel NICS
    • What works - 2 different 10ZIGS - http://www.10zig.com/product/citrix/25/ with added Intel NICS

    I have brought the network down including unplugging the switch for 5 minutes, and the results are still the same.

    This is just odd to me, but if you guys have any ideas, please suggest them.

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