Any Benefits to having more than 2 NIC's?

  • I'm trying to decide on hardware for a home pfsense build. Will be a router/firewall connected to modem and 24 port switch. I'm looking to implement some traffic shaping based on MAC address if possible. Is there any benefit to me to build something with more than 2 NIC's? This is whats stalling my purchase at the moment.

  • With only 1 LAN, 1 WAN and without failover CARP, you wouldn't quite really have a need for any more than 2 NICs for a simple home network.

  • A 3rd might be worth it if you want to use an external wireless AP and keep clients on a separate network.  If you've got a VLAN-capable switch you could do it without the 3rd NIC.

  • are there any other neat things i can do with more nics? bandwidth throttle/guarantee per nic? anything at all i might be interested in for a home network?

    I'd like to setup 3 virtual networks. All three with internet access. One with have my 2 windows PC's my xbmc setup, + ps3. The second virtual network would have my brothers computer, and a boxee box by dlink. Third network would straight to a wireless access point, that will service any guest devices and my own phones/tablets. Each of these 3 networks should be able to access the NAS box, but not anything on the other networks. Is this possible? How could I implement this?

  • Ive run my VOIP ATA's on one network and the browsing and games on a second…    Presently we have a private network and a public one at the office.  Keeps the customers occupied and our stuff safe(r)

  • It looks like I'll be able to do this wit a dual nic pfsense and a managed/smart switch cabable of port based vlans.
    I would have the NAS port and the pfsense port common to all vlans. And then setup the 3 vlans via ports. makes configuration a little more difficult but I think it would work.

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