Tunnel between two pfSense 2.0 - big ping time

  • I had configured IPSec tunnel between pfSense 2.0 DI-804HV, and ping time between the two subnetworks was 3ms. Paulsen as I changed the dlink to the pfSense second time the office has grown to 90ms. With what may be the reason?

  • I seriously doubt you had a VPN over the Internet at 3 ms, your time to your next hop router on your ISP's network is usually higher than that. 90 ms is a bit high for a VPN, but it depends on the connectivity between the two locations and how far away they are physically. If they're 1000+ miles distance, then that is probably typical. I suspect you're confusing what the actual ping time was before changing.

  • No, I'm not confused. When the scheme DLink-ISP-pfSense ping time and on pfSense to DLink was 3-5ms, After replacing the DLink to ping pfSense vrmya risen. If you run the command ping (remote pfSense) then begins to 90ms, and then gradually (after 30 packets) is reduced to 3-5ms then abruptly jumps up to ~ 100ms. And so it is cyclic.

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