Using pfSense as router without router?

  • Hey everybody!
    I know that subject may sound bit crazy. Ok, so I want to use pfSense as router but do I need to still use real router?

    I know this works:
    ISP -> router (e.g. A-LINK) -> pfSense -> HUB -> devices -> internet

    Does this work?
    ISP -> pfSense -> HUB -> devices -> internet

    At the moment I'm using ADSL2 modem. I would like to get rid of it and use only pfSense. Is that possible? If it is how do I connect my "ISP" to pfSense?

    Thanks in advance.  :)

    I think that would be correct setup?
    ISP -> modem/router -> pfSense -> HUB -> devices -> internet
    But how I can use only one interface? I would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

  • If you have a provider that hands off an ethernet (wired or wireless) connection then you do not need your ISP's device.  If you've got a provider that brings service in over phone lines or coax then you will need the appropriate modem from them to convert to ethernet.  Most ADSL and Cable modems can be set to bridge mode where all they do is the conversion and your hardware (in this case, pfsense) handles the DHCP or PPPoE handshake.

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