Bluecoat cacheflow and bluecoat packetshaper

  • Does anyone have any info on these extremely expensive products?

    The company behind them, bluecoat, sells them as appliances only. no software to download or try out.
    i am 1000% sure they are merely modified linux distros with some software they may have converted over.

    so with that can we achieve a free solution to their claim of 90% caching (bluecoat cacheflow)
    and then with the packetshaper they claim it accelerates tcpip by responding to acks quickly and so on.

  • They use FreeBSD, same as we do, actually. With a ton of proprietary pieces, there aren't any available open source tools that do all the things those do unfortunately.

  • interesting
    can we know how they do it for each product maybe theres a free a way ?

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