LAN virtual IP NAT

  • I can't get this setup work…maybe someone will have a clue for me! :

    Right now my pfsense box is acting in a router only mode onto a public network. Wan is for example and lan 216.226.100.x

    Everything is working fine, devices on the lan side can reach the rest of the internet with no problem by going throught the pfsense box that is only doing routing, no firewall is filtering anything.

    Now our subnet on the lan is full so before our provider can give us another range of public ip for the devices on the lan, I need to use a private network like 192.168.10.x as a virutal Ip on the lan side and nat it with one of my public address in the 216.226.100.x, but I can't get it work.

    Remember I only want to use nat for the 192.169.10.x on one 216.226.100.x and all others devices in the 216.226.56.x must not user nat.

    Any idea?


  • use manual outbound NAT specifying the source IP/network you want to NAT.

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