SnapGear 560 verse a PFSENSE firewall appliance

  • Has anybody compared the SnapGear 560 verse a PFSENSE firewall appliance.  The SnapGear 560 is a few years old.  I wondering if any one has compared the two.  I had to get rid of both my Watchguards  do to electrical issues.  Talk about a financial loss a 6000 & 700, both units failed.

    This little unit is runs very energy green.  Just trying to do some comparison.

  • Losing both boxes sucks.  :(

    Depends what you put pfSense on! What you wan't to do with it too. Are you going to add pfBlocker, Snort, VPN's etc.
    Lot's of choices.
    Look's like u have to start again,  ??? these two links will help and give you an idea. Green or a Monster, have any which way.  ;D

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    I had to get rid of both my Watchguards  do to electrical issues.

    Ouch!  :(


  • They both got cooked in a thunder storm.  I did not realize what happened.  Until it way too late.  When I need it they where both acting very werid.

    From there it just went down hill.

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    There appears to be a load of discussion of the SG560 out there. Quite a few threads on Whirlpool including this one:
    Some comments on there are not very complimentary!
    I have no experience of the device myself.
    It does appear to be a fairly comprehensive device. One thing that would worry me though is, is it still supported at all? If bugs are found in the OS what happens? It has virus filtering capability but is that still updated?

    I really depends what features you are looking for. How did you have your pfSense box configured?


  • I have couple of 560,570,530 units
    depend the size of your network and internet connections

    System Uptime
    Uptime 60 days, 14 hours, 7 minutes, 46 seconds.

    the 560 unit have by default 1 wan and 4 lan but each lan port can configured as a lan/wan or dmz

    a short review

    +boot in ~15sec
    +very stable for <70mb/s internet connections
    +easy to manage/configure
    +minimal hardware (Processor : XScale-IXP42x 16mb ram)

    -unstable ipsec/pptp after a while
    -load balancing is strange  :)
    -end of life support 07.2013(latest release 03.2011)

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