32bit or 64 bit with an Intel atom processor?

  • I installed Pfsense 2.0.1 on an AMD 64bit test system and really like the results. I want to be a little greener and use an Intel atom based motherboard I have laying around. I read where you can use the AMD 64 bit version on Intel dual core boards. So I tried it. Everything seems to work except I get errors when I use traffic shaping, which is very important to me. I can fix it by setting the WAN speed to something higher than the Internet queue but I'm wondering "what else is wrong that I don't know about". So I'm wondering if I should of used the 32 bit version or not tried to save and restore my configuration from the other system? Or is the traffic shaping option still have bugs?

  • if you couldn't run the 64 bit version, it wouldn't boot. There is no config diff between 32 and 64 bit.

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