UDP NAT Reflection seems to be the culprit, but I am unsure how to fix it!

  • Ok so I have Pfsense 1.01 its been working fine for a longtime, but recently I have noticed some strange issues. It started with me being unable to connect to mail.mydomain.com on HTTPS 443, externalley every1 could connect just fine but I was unable to connect to it locally, I figured out what was causing it, I had TCP and UDP enabled for it and when I removed UDP ( which is not needed for 443) it started working just fine. Now I am having the same issue with SMTP port 25 I am able to externalley telnet to port 25 and recieve a connection but localley its a no go to the domains I am hosting, I am pretty sure from all the reading I have been doing that its a UDP NAT reflection issue, but I really dont know how to go about fixing it. I disabled UDP for 25 and it dosent make a diffrence I am still unable to connect to it. Other then this I only have 1 other small issue with Pfsense. If any1 has any insight on to how I can get my smtp to connect localley for a domain I am hosting I would greatly appreciate it.


    I removed UDP for SMTP port 25 which like serveral websites said I needed UDP for it and now its working. Is this a UDP reflections issue ? I am just trying to learn more at this point.

  • pfsense don't have udp reflection only tcp reflection

  • udp reflection should work, the problem seems to be when using a single rule with "tcp/udp". We need to check this.

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