DNS always routes through a non default gateway

  • We are having a multi-wan setup with four gateways here. The google DNS servers at and are setup as system DNS with clients connecting to these servers via dnsmasq. Strangely DNS always uses the route instead of the default one. This happens even when is down and automatically or manually taken off the gateway group. I have disabled dnsmasq just in case the route is generated somewhere there, disabled sticky connections, rebooted, but it did not help. The gateway associated with the DNS servers is WAN what should be either load balanced or the default gateway, but not sticking to even if it is down.

    Here is the output from netstat -rn
    Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire
    default         UGS         0       24    em0         UGHS        0      235    em0         UGHS        0      235    em0

    any ideas ?

  • you set them as monitor ips for your gateway groups ?

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