Site-to-site tunnel established but no connection?

  • I installed a pfSense VM on ESX in 2 servers at different locations. Both VMs have direct access to internet (not behind other firewalls or routers).
    They have static IP and I configured the IPSec connections according to

    They connect to each other with no apparent errors in log file. However, I'm not able to contact anything on the remote LANs at either side. I created the firewall rules as in the guide. ESP proto, UDP 500 and UDP 4500. I also tryed to insert an "any any" rule on top.

    Have I missed something? Anyone have any pointers?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Did you add firewall rules to the IPsec tab?

    The kind of rules you describe would go on the WAN tab, but really aren't needed because they would be added automatically. However the IPsec tab would have the rules to govern traffic coming across the VPN.

  • Thanks for your reply, jimp.
    I already added a * * * * * * * -rule to the ipsec tab on both ends to test.

  • I got it working.

    Not sure what was wrong. Went through everything in the guide again and all seems good :)

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