Switching ISP from dhcp to PPPoE stop working?

  • I was looking where to put this topic.

    I have some problem, is the first time I have this came of issue.

    I install pfsense on a alix board nanobsd version 4G , the ISP for this equipment  will be PPPoE, I know how to setup my wan, I have other installations without a issue, here at the company I have 1 connection where I can test and works.

    Latter, I took the equipment to my house to finish the installation, at home I have other ISP, the wan mas be DHCP, I setup my wan and everything is working.

    I setup my vpn with OPENVPN and everything was working at home with DHCP.

    Now, I went to the office where this equipment is going to be, I switch my WAN to PPPoE give my info…. bang no connection  :o :o :o

    (I know that for this I need to put my modem in bridge-mode)

    I falling my instincts and did a lot changes, delete my pppoe connection at pfsense, switch nics, restart the modem, pfsense, router default settings, etc etc.

    The modem alone works.

    This happen last week.

    The ISP change my modem, I reinstall pfsense, use the same test connection I have the same provider pppoe and works.

    Again the same history, install pfsense with pppoe, setup my box with dhcp, install the box with pppoe and again no connection  :o :o :o

    I say, stop use your brain and see what is the issue?

    Some knows what is happening here?
    I'm doing something wrong?
    Does pfsense save some configuration that is causing this?
    My box is running on CF card, does a lot of change in my wan connection corrupt the file system?
    Do I need to call my ISP and ask him to delete something?

    This is new for me, is the first time I switch my wan with different providers.

    Any tip will be appreciate a lot, thanks all for your time.

    pfsense 2.0.1 on alix board.

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