Any one knows "fwe0"

  • Hi All,
    Anyone knows how to make "fwe0" interface work ?

    It is just showing, "up" on web interface, even though nothing is plugged to interface.This is built-in interface, I can't make it work,I changed to computer tried another computer, but that built-in interface is not working. NO dhcp, nothing

    I checked archive, i could not find anything

    Any helps, ideas more than welcome.

    I appreciate in advance.

  • fwe0 is Ethernet over Firewire. Not sure if you were expecting that to be a NIC, it's not an Ethernet card. I'm not sure we have the proper accommodations for that to work.

  • Well, it was working in Windows XP, that is why I thought that it is an interface, but in BSD, no luck I guess

  • Netgate Administrator

    I suspect that it would work if you had FreeBSD boxes at both ends of your firewire:

        This driver emulates Ethernet in a very adhoc way and it does not reserve
        a stream channel using an isochronous manager.  Note that this driver
        uses a protocol which is very different from RFC 2734 (IPv4 over IEEE


  • I don't think that's what he was expecting though, seems he thought it was an onboard Ethernet NIC, which apparently isn't supported by FreeBSD.

    extacy1: you may have better luck with that NIC with our 2.1 snapshots since they have a newer FreeBSD base and hence more driver support.

  • I just figured it out.
    This is actually multi-functional ethernet adapter.It could have firewire over ethernet, usb bus over ethernet or regular ethernet adapter.
    On Pfsense web interface, from the INTERFACES menu> Assign Interfaces >Interface Assigment > change this option from "fwe0" to  "em" ( it could be em2 or em3 depending your interface number, this is usually the last interface)
    and restart. You are all set.
    Thanks everyone for their ideas.

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