IP/Port Redirect

  • Hello Guys,
    I'm sorry if i created on the wrong place but i hava a doubt.

    I need my application access several databases, so i wonder if can do this with a pfsense in the middle of my scenario. like

    app    --------------------> pfsense----------------------------------------------->DBS                    Source Port:5000 to Destination port: 60000
                                          Source ip:  to  any ip on the other side


  • that diagram isn't exactly clear to me, what are you trying to redirect from and to? In general you can redirect from anything to anything you want.

  • sorry if i didnt make it clear, ill try again

    The application will consult on the database information, just it.
    Then it will go trough the pfsense and then pfsense will redirect to the databases on the other side.

    i just aks if pfsense can redirect to more than 1 ip on the same port.

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