Squid Cache Hit Rate.

  • I am trying my best to figure out a way to increase the squid cache hit rate.

    in the last 3-4 days its been a pathetic 8-11% for around 80-90 users and an average of 5.8G download.

    Seriously. this is just bad.

    Any tips on how to increase the hit rate? (other than doing offline mode LOL)

  • Wow, my hit rate Is just 2-3 % for 10 users and ca. 6 GB of downloads  :(

  • This can be espected as squid "engine" is not that good for dynamic/session pages.

    I saw it on one doc comparing squid and varnish.

    A test I did once was configuring a varnish daemon as proxy server sending to a squid as backend. The result was some times faster then squid itself.

    But I'm sure that there is some config options to improve cache hit.

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