Parse HTTP host headers for single IP to different internal IPs

  • Hi folks,
    I am trying to determine if pfsense supports this particular use case:

    1. Single WAN IP
    2. Two internal servers in a DMZ - one Windows, one Linux
    3. Two unique public DNS names - for this illustration, how about,

    Can pfsense parse the HTTP URL and send to the Windows system, and to the Linux system?  I only have one external IP in this particular configuration and can't get another.

    I looked into the Load Balancing stuff (inbound, not outbound WAN links) but it doesn't seem to have any host header parsing, just the ability to share across multiple servers.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

  • Yes, you're looking for a reverse proxy, like HA Proxy or even Squid.

  • Also varnish and apache+mod security.

  • Hmmm I looked at the HAproxy package a while ago for pfsense but saw no way to configure it as a reverse proxy with a single front end and multiple back ends based on a URI, at least in the pfsense UI.

    Is there a way to change the configuration on the CLI or somewhere else I'm missing to do this?

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