"no link up detected" on new install of pfSense-2.0.1

  • pfSense-2.0.1
    hard drive install
    2 WAN
    1 LAN

    all NIC are detected automatically by pfSense-2.0.1
    the cables are fine, they are CAT5e cables that has been in use for a while and in good condition.

    however whenever i try to let them auto assign when it asks for the WAN and press "a" for auto detection, it always comes back with the error "no link up detected"

    and if i try to assign each of them manually i can't access webconfigurator from any of the connections

    is this a known bug by any chance?

    i did not have this problem with the older versions of pfSense

    i already read the older post that was sort of similar to my case http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,1151.msg6705.html#msg6705

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