Connect a Sonicwall to pfSense VPN

  • Has anyone connected a sonicwall to a pfsense via VPN. I have a new HACOM MARS Openbrick arriving next week. I have an office in Florida with three users and a sonicwall and they currently connect via VPN to a sonicwall here in Ireland.

    I want to replace my Sonicwall here with pfSense.

    I need guidance on connecting the Florida Sonicwall to my pfSense.

    I appreciate any help, tips or direction..

    Info that may be helpful

    I searched the forums and couldnt find what I need even using other guides for other hardware.

    The Sonicwall in Florida is - TZ 180 Standard

    The pfSense is Mars Openbrick d525

  • Nobody?

    Please… pretty please...

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    IPsec works fine to those. I've helped several commercial support customers connect to them.

    Make sure to disable NAT-T on the IPsec tunnel, but otherwise I don't remember any specific issues.

  • Thanks for the reply.. You are correct.. it works 100%