Kernel panic when disabling carp on 1.2 Beta 1

  • This didn't happen when I was using 1.0.1.  I used pfSense-Full-Update-1.2-Beta-1.tgz to upgrade.  Now when disabling carp I get a kernel panic.  The bug below suggests it's a problem with FreeBSD.  Is that the case?  I'm guessing it'd be difficult to use the old FreeBSD kernel with the 1.2 pfSense?


  • It is a FreeBSD bug. You can do something like the following on a stock FreeBSD system and it'll panic.

    ifconfig carp0 create
    ifconfig carp1 create
    ifconfig carp0
    ifconfig carp1
    ifconfig carp0 up
    ifconfig carp0 destroy
    ifconfig carp0 delete
    ifconfig carp1 destroy

    There is no way to run an older kernel. This shouldn't be a major issue, it's not like disabling CARP is a routine daily activity. Yeah it sucks, but hopefully will be fixed soon.

  • Known issue.  Its really deep to give you a summary but the promising news is that it is fixed in 7.0 which will be coming out in Julyish.  7.0 is shaping up to be one of the best releases since 2.X or 3.X.

    Bottom line is that we know that there are some bugs and they can EASILY be worked around but we will be in excellent shape when 7.0 hits the streets.

  • cmb, thanks for clarifying.  I'm coming from OpenBSD carp.  I wrote a little sh script a long time ago that changes the advskew higher on all the carp interfaces on the machine I wanted to become the standby (go into 'backup' mode) so I could patch the machine, etc. and it's just become ingrained in my head as part of my toolkit.  I made the incorrect assumption that the 'Disable Carp' button did the same.  This is what happens when memory starts to fail and I don't investigate properly. ;^)  Presumably I could do the same on pfSense?  I'll check it out.

    sullrich, thank you as well.  I had to do a little poking around to figure out which version numbers you were referring to.  Time for me to start digging into FreeBSD some more. :^)


  • I'm having this issue too.  I need to change the carp interface on a wrap board but as soon as I do, it panics then keeps rebooting.  The only solution is to reflash.

    Is there a workround?

  • Try a newer snapshot.

  • Laaaaate reply but still: problems still exists also in release 1.2-RC3 (build 21/11).

  • Still present in 1.2RC4.

  • FWIW I got bit by this too.  :-(

  • Hmn, I thought it was only when I had CARP on a VLAN interface, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

    It still crashes just after

    "Waiting for final CARP interface bringup…....................... done."

    with a basic carp setup.

    (I'm trying to migrate from a NanoBSD based 6.2 setup -- I didn't have any trouble with this there...)

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