ADSL+2 Dlink500B II modem using bridge +PFsense sytem questions!!!!

  • Hi guys

    I have a litle(big) question , that most of us might have also.

    Unfortunately i still live in a region where CABLE and Fiber Optics has not arrived yet, so i am stuck to ADSL+2 with maximum speeds available in the region of 15MB down + 1MB upload.

    Needless to say that i am no where close to the real speeds, as i´ve tested conection speed tests to the nearest main DSLAM in the region around 800Km and i get maximum download speed for 1.4mb and upload of 490kbs.

    I live around 450metres away from the companys ADSL central (around 2 blocks away) in our city, but i have had alots of problems in the past, with cables in my street etc , filters that had to be replaced and even new cable fitted from my house to the nearest post from the telephone company.

    Well my db download signal was too low around 7% to 10% after buying new modem, having my cable wiring interior done, the tel company also replaced two big black filters in their cable in the street near my house, aparently the way the company routed my line, my signal was comming out from their central around 450m away and instead of comming direct to my house, it was going pass my house around 0.7miles down the street and then back untill it reached my house…

    well that problem was kinda of sorted after getting all the routing done properly and cabling and new filters my dB download went from 7% to 20%  , now average is 18%download dB.

    but a couple weeks ago i kind started my internet speed drooping again, and before when i had all those problems i had my modem hooked up to a hub switch so i could login to the webpage and check my signal.

    so now i am using pfsense and modem hooked up in bridge mode , i cannot check my signal conection details... i had to switch off the cable from my pf sense machine and hook up a pc direct to the modem to check details, i have seen that the provider had dropped down my speed from 10mb to 5mb and that was the reason my speed was slow below average.. i called them up and the engineers on the phone swapped the speed details in the modem and my conection boosted up again... actually in the last 4 weeks i had to call them up twice to fix that problem.. aparently the system reduces my speed automatically, just for the sake of my protection last week i changed all the passwords for the http and telnet, and ftp from my modem, because i think they are trying to be clever by reducing our speeds so they can distribuite by others i dont know...

    so let resume it in a simple manner, everytime i need to check my modem signal strenght etc.. i have to disconect the PFsense machine that is managing all my other machines, pvrs home media boxes etc..

    is there a way or any plugin i can install and use on PFsense to check my adsl conection settings the same i way i use in my modem like attenuation, dB signal strenght etc.etc.etc. at the moment the modem is configured in bridge mode only.

    at the moment i am using pfsense as a DHCP router also, so when i try to login to the gateway i allway go to the pfsense webpage..  i have tried logging in direct to the modem but cannot do it whilst connected in the pfsense machine.

    hardware config

    pc router firewall with pfsense 2.0
    modem dlink500b Adsl+2 Generation II