Vpn hardware - silicom PXS2510 any experience ?

  • Hi
    I Was thinking about building a box with a Silicom PXS2510,  its based on the Broadcom BCM5825. Should this be a problem in 2.0.1? Has anyone tried it ? The broadcom chip is on the hcl and the specs look pretty good.

    IPSec 3DES with HMAC-MD5-96 or HMAC-SHA-1-96
    900 Mbps

    IPSec AES 128-bit key with HMAC-MD5-96 0r HMAC-SHA-1-96
    1000 Mbps

    I was going to tie all of this together with  a
    Core 2 Quad 2.66
    4GB ram
    32gb SSD
    and dual intel 1gbe

    Would /Should I get aes 256 throughput above 700mbit if the card works ?

    VPN throughput requirement is high due to wanting to synchronous  replication between datacenters without the cost of a dedicated circuit.

    Any thought or comments most welcome.


  • The 5825 hardware should be supported by the ubsec driver.
    I used a 5821 in 1.2.3, but I have not tried the 5825. The cpu should not be a factor in your encryption speed, as it will be handled by the card.

  • Netgate Administrator

    This is still noted on the man page:

    The AES capability of the BCM5823 is not yet supported; it is awaiting public disclosure of programming information from Broadcom.

    Not sure if that applies to the 5825 also but it could. Not really a problem though unless you can't use 3DES for some reason.


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