2 Wans, 2 Vlans

  • Hi All,

    I need your expertise for the situation that I am having.

    I have Voice Vlan  and Data Vlan (uses native Vlan) on Cisco C2960G switch.We want Data Vlan to be controlled and routed by PfSense, also we need Voice Vlan to be routed to another Router and WAN.I tried to simplify by drawing sample scheme.

    Voice Vlan–-|                              |--->Voice Vlan-->VoIP Router--->ISP(Wan1)
                      |--> Cisco 2960 -----|
    Data Vlan ---|                              |--->Data Vlan--> PFSense---> ISP (Wan 2)

    So, my first question since my switch is layer 2 switch, is it possible to implement this plan?

    Second question, if it is possible to do this in PFsense, how will I configure the Pfsense so Pfsense could route right VLan.

    I appreciate your time and ideas.


  • Hi,

    create two VLANs on your switch:

    VLAN 10: Data
    VLAN 20: Voice

    The port which connects the CISCO and pfSense must be tagged for VLAN 20.
    Create a VLAN with ID 20 on pfsense, assign this interface an IP address and plug in the network connection.
    All clients on VLAN 20 need to use pfsense as its gateway - setup the DHCP server to do that if you like on pfsense for this interface.
    Setup a firewall rules for VLAN 20 interface on pfsense to allow traffic.

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