Still Problems with VOIP Registration and old states

  • pfsense 2.0 on wrap board
    static IP-Address (no forced reconnects)

    Every 1 or 2 days our Asterisk Server is losing connection to our voip-provider. After googling for sometime I found some hints, about the necessity to delete old state tables. Reseting the state tables manually (Diagnostics|Reset state] works, but is there no way of getting this done periodically?

    I tried

    sleep 70
    /sbin/pfctl -F state
    sleep 40
    /sbin/pfctl -F state

    but that does not work (Firewall hangs after restart).

    Is there really no actually working solution?

  • I have an issue where my pbx sits on the LAN and although it stays registered with the voip provider, incoming calls via the voip provider are dropped after a few seconds. The symptoms aren't identical to yours, but the fix of reseting firewall states is the same.

    Have you tried setting your state table optimization to conservative? I have been resistant to try this because the large numbers of LAN clients here really drives up the states count, but nothing else I've tried so far has worked.

  • Hi I had a problem where I would loose registration if the internet pppoe session dropped, setting outbound NAT with static port for your PBX solved this I also have a script monitoring my provider registrations and if it fails it sends out an email every five minutes via a cron job until the trunk has re registered.

  • @galaxy60:

    setting outbound NAT with static port for your PBX solved this

    Would you mind explaining what you did exactly? There are a lot of options there ;)

  • Interface  VoIP Server                                                        Static Port
    WAN * * * * * YES

    Create a rule the same as above just change your IP address to your Asterisk Box

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