• 1. pfSense i386 VM on KVM running on HP ML110 G6. Ubuntu Server 64bit.

    • shaping link 70/8Mbit for ~30 stations. Solid as rock.
    • multiWAN. Main fast link and.. 320/128kpbs second link. Awsome.
    • 3 VPNs:
      remote access (link1, link2)
      encrypted LAN channel between two floors:
      pfSense VM <–-> Debian i386 real hardware
      (distance more than 100 meters, multiple sh***y switches), limited by CPU of Debian second VPN node (1GHz = 2MB/s CIFS copy, but full 70Mbit for WWW traffic)
    • double port forwarding, since Cisco VoIP Gateway is at front (shame)
    • even shaping main link over this VPN (!) to second floor
      2. pfSense i386 VM box on Debian 64bit. Desktop.
      Asrock shitty board, 16GB DDR3, 2 x 1TB software RAID1 and SSD drive, Phenom X2 3.0 Ghz, and still other VMs running.. !
    • link 20/2Mbit, fully utilized.
    • redundand NICs for LAN (2 x Intel PRO/1000 Fiber PCI-X with all TCP Offload engines enabled)
    • 18 days of uptime (since backup has been made and memory has been added, was 90 days or so before).
      3. Two pfSense i386 VMs on Dell PowerEdge R310. Ubuntu Server 64. Very busy server.
    • shaping 10/10Mbit link for many devices. Several VPNs. Several VLANs.
    • many NAT rules
    • captive portal
    • DHCP for whole /16 network (~500 device list), static assigned
    • second pfSense box for mail-server only
    • this is also monitoring server (with heavy CPU-intense PHP engine). 60% of Quad Xeon 3.2 used because of this.
    • 47 days uptime
      4. pfSense i386 VM on Dell PowerEdge R210 II. Ubuntu Server 64.
    • shaping 8/8Mbit for 20 devices. Solid as rock. Several VPNs. Time shedules.
    • 46 days uptime
      5. Core i5 standard board, 2 x 1TB software RAID1, 1 x Gbit onboard, 1 x 100Mbit PCI for WAN
    • doing nothing, yet.
      6. pfSense i386 VM on HP ML110 G5 without virtualization support
    • 1GB RAM in host only
    • shaping 10/2Mbit link for few stations
    • host also doing other things (!)
    • some performance penalty
    • again, RAIDed disks. 1 x Gbit onboard, 1 x PCI-Express 1Gbit card.
    • 56 days uptime

    So.. I just wish to say: THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!

  • Perhaps it's time to revive the How Far Have You Scaled Your PFS Box? thread, or start a new one.

    I suspect there might be some interesting pfSense setups among the 100,000+ known live installs :-)

  • Netgate Administrator

    Indeed. You'd have to try hard to beat this setup though even two after that post.
    4.569Gbps!  :o


  • More than 4 Gbps is out of my scope since I have 4Gbits static aggregated links between core switches. Not more. And this is more than enough..

    Only thing I have tested so far was 2 x Quad Gigabit adapters teamed as single 8Gbit LACP and was fine to accepct many client connections.

    update: can any admin move this thread to join into http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,7668.msg122803.html ?
    (probably not :()