Please guide me with 2 WAN and 3 LAN if..

  • Hi…
    I need some guide... if my PFSense 2.01 setup have 5 interface :

    WAN1 <--->|                                            |<---> LAN 1 (for all server; external IP from WAN1)
                    |                                            |
                    |------- PFSense 2.01-----------|<---> LAN 2 (external IP from WAN2)
    WAN2 <--->|                                            |   
                    |                                            |<---> LAN 3 (external IP from WAN2)

    How to setup LAN1 using traffic only from WAN1 and LAN2, LAN3 using traffic from WAN2 but all the LAN can access each other, such as LAN 2 and LAN 3 can access server in LAN 1 locally

    ... and also if another method if I want to make load balance setup using the below interface:

    WAN1 <--->|                                            |<---> LAN 1 (for all server)
                    |                                            |
                    |------- PFSense 2.01-----------|<---> LAN 2
    WAN2 <--->|                                            |   
                    |                                            |<---> LAN 3

    LAN 1, LAN 2 and LAN 3 using failover if WAN1 is down all LAN will using WAN2 and etc.. and how about the LAN 1 public IP for server if WAN 1 is down and WAN 2 is up

    Thank you very much.. hope someone can guide me with this...

  • You're in luck. Somebody already wrote the load balancing and failover instructions out for you:

    Be sure to post back if there's any part of it that you're having trouble with.

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