Traffic shaping on bridge lan wan (queues for protocols)

  • Hi all.
    I'm new in pfsense and a need some help on configurin pfsense traffic shaping

    my configuration is :
    LAN (none ip) <- (Bridged) Pfsense-> Wan (none Ip)
    and OPT1 (with ip)for managment
    on the lan i have my own firewall and on the wan i have the router for the connection

    now i would like to set up a traffic shaper for different protocol in order to allow an amount of  bandwidth for each protocol.
    For example i would like to have http connection  from lan to wan to have 8MBit and 2 Mbit for ftp connection and 1 Mb or less for p2p ports or protocol.
    How i can set up it?

    which are the the traffic queues i have to create ? and which rules?

    thanks many thanks  to any answer.

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