VoIP Rules on Pfsense

  • Hi Pfsense Experts;

    Thank you for creating and contributing such a great platform.

    I just set up a VoIP phone with Voice Vlan ( on Pfsense.I am planning to install around 20 phones.

    So I was testing one of the phone, I am able to make calls but not able receive calls.Phone company says these has to be configured

    asterisk voip ports: 123, 2222-2268, 5060, 10000-20000 and set the UDP NAT timeout to 120 seconds and also says disable "Consistent NAT"  if there is one.

    but I do not know where will I enter these numbers on Pfsense.So If you kindly share your ideas, I appreciate.


  • This will help for a start, eh?


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