• I've followed all the docs and howto's but I can't seem to get load balancing to work…

    Does the WAN IP for the load balancing need to be the same IP as the actual firewall WAN IP? Can the load balancer IP be a virtual IP? Does it need to be a virtual IP? Proxy-Arp or IP-Alias?? In all the docs I've read, it never specifies how your external IP needs to be setup. I'm running 2.0.1 Release (amd64).

    Any help appreciated.


  • OK I figured it out…

    I had to setup a Virtual IP (IP Alias) and make sure that the netmask was /24, as opposed to the default /32. Once I did that (and added the appropriate FW rule), I setup the LB pools from scratch and it works. Hope this helps somebody else :)

    pfsense 2.0.1-Release (amd64) in a VM (VMware ESX 4.1)


  • Hi Sean,

    Would you mind being a little more specific about the virtual IP configuration? As you've made, I've read forums and documents on the internet and my Pfsense is not doing the Load Balance correctly. Thanks in advanced.