Routing Issue, Need Help

  • Ok what I am trying to do is setup pfsense as a router with no nat. Just a basic router.

    1.) First I went to the advanced tab and checked the: Disable the firewalls filter altogether.
    2.) I went to the static routes tab and checked the check box allow for fast routing.
    3.) I added a static route to a 2nd pfsense box that would route traffic from a network to a network. For this static route, I set default gateway to on WAN interface of the pfsense box that I plan to use as a basic router.

    I have setup the first pfsense box with on it's LAN interface and on it's WAN interface. This is the box I plan to use as a basic router.

    On the 2nd pfsense box I added the static route. this box has a LAN subnet of

    Now here's my problem that I can't seem to get figured out. From a computer on the network I can ping a computer on the network. But, on a computer from the network I can not ping any computers on the network.

    Rules should not apply so can anyone help with a mistake I may be overlooking. Again down below is a basic layout of how the network flows.

    Computer on –> PFsense Box LAN with static route to -->> PFsense Router WAN -->> PFsense Router LAN -->> Computer on

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