Simple nat not working

  • dear pfsense users,
    I'm going to replace my single soekris with dual wan running gentoo linux with 2 high available soekris (4801) running pfsense and 3 wan. I'll do nat and bridging.

    The boxes have 5 nics:

    sis0 -> LAN
    sis1 -> VLAN1 = WAN
    sis1 -> VLAN2 = WAN2
    sis1 -> VLAN3 = WAN3
    sis2 -> SYNC with the other box
    sis3 -> DMZ natted
    sis4 -> DMZ bridged

    I'm going to configure it in this way:

    • every ip (public and on lan) is handled by carp - in this way I loose 2 public ip for each wan

    • some ip are natted on a port basic

    • some ip are bridged (and filtered)

    In this way I should be able to survive to 2 wan failures and to a firewall failure.

    I was able to configure outbound balancing with a snapshot from 2 month ago, but I was unable to make nat/bridge work, so today I started a fresh 1.2 beta1 install and tried to configure just carp IPs and nat to isolate the problem.
    I was unable to nat anything (I was able to make the firewall renspond to ping allowing icmp), do you have any idea?

    This is the relevant part of my conf (I'll post the rest tomorrow):


    carp conf (just one)

                            <descr>router WAN3</descr>


                            <descr>adsl telecom</descr></vlan> 
                            <descr>adsl eutelia</descr></vlan> 
                            <descr>wifi e4a</descr></vlan></vlans> 

    many thanks

  • are all the interfaces you bridged up ???
    if 1 is not up then the hole bridge is broken
    and none of the other bridged interfaces that are well connected will work until the bridge is fixed

  • I'm not using bridge, until now I just named the interface..

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