Anyone can recommend me on a brand new server

  • Hello Everyone,

    I need to replace my pfsense hardware for a bigger thing.

    Anyone can recommend me on hardware for this;

    pfsense x64 2.0.1
    Traffic shaper with limiter and L7
    Lusca cache on a SSD raid
    5-15 openvpn users
    approx 800 internet users

    anyone has tried this on some HP ProLiant DL385 G7 or G6 ?


  • Pfsense works very well on these boxes! and even as a VM!

  • Anything really will work but try to go Intel for better compatibility. I would go for something with dual redundant PSUs too. You wouldn't need that much CPU power either so even something 2nd hand could do the trick.

    Personaly I use Supermicro as I find them to be very reliable and well engineered. maybe look at a 1u socket 1156 or 1155 server?

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