NTop 4.1 on Embedded

  • After looking through the nTop package, I see that it stores it's rrd data in /var/db/ntop/rrd. Is it possible to make this work on embedded, you lose nothing since data is lost when ntop service is restarted.  I am interested because I have many pfSense routers running on CF and would like to utilize nTop for bandwidth statistics.  Losing data on reboots is not an issue.  I understand that it was not supported on previous versions from my searches of the forums.  I am not sure how native rrd graph storage was implemented pre-2.0 but I know that it is now stored in volatile storage and was hoping the same could be done with the nTop package.  I would be willing to help some with this but it would be a learning curve for me since I have never worked on a custom package before.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We had some reports of breakage for ntop on NanoBSD so it was disabled. ntop is pretty heavy in terms of footprint on the media, RAM, etc, so it didn't make a lot of sense to put a lot of effort into fixing it there.

    If you have a bunch of routers, you are probably better off having them send netflow data to a central collection server so you can view them from a central database, rather than having to login to each router individually.

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