Server Loadbalancing using pfsense.

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    I am attemting to achieved server load balancing using pfsense, running into some difficulty with it.

    I have 2 webservers located in the lan
    server 1(ip): GW:
    Server 2(ip): GW:

    WAN IP: & LAN IP: for the Pfsense.

    I have created a pool using the above server ip to load balance http(80) traffic and the virtual server IP:
    I have ensure no traffic is being blocked by the firewall.

    If i attempt to access the webservers via the virtual server ip:, the traffic is redirected to webserver on all occassions.
    the servers are accisible using their individual IP but i am unable to load balance the http traffic to both server, seems like pfsense is not
    splitting the traffic to the individual servers.

    I have been searching documentation to fix it, hence posting on the forum.
    Please guide me if i am missing anything.

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