Queues understanding effect

  • Hello All,

    (2) pfSense-2.0.1  # at two sites

    I recently went through the traffic shapping wizard after putting two new pfSense-2.0.1 machines at two sites for our school.
    I had installed two pfSense-1.2.3 two years ago and has worked great.Thank You pfSense devs!
    At around noonish time our ip phones between buildings would have very bad voice quailty and quite often would drop via a vpn connection.
    We have 115 phones between 2 buildings FYI,which are in fact Panasonic TDA hybrid phones FWIW.

    I looked in the pfSense docs page and found no tutorials on the queues page specifically.

    Also, I used HFSC with an allowed 350 kbits for, ( I figure) 5 simultaneous calls voice priority and this is all i set in the traffic shaping wizard FYI. Does this sound logical?

    Could someone point me to a good tutorial on what I should be seeing and understanding in the newly created queues page?
    I figure this is the only way I will get any kind of understanding of what is going on,,and in fact know if the phone calls are taking prioirty when they need to.

    Thank You,

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