Monitor ip rtt variance

  • Hello All,

    I was curious if there is anything to learn from the monitor ip rtt values/times when using a multi-wan ?
    In other words the heavier the http traffic these values no doubt increase,but am wondering what kind of rtt increase people here are experiencing throughout the day.
    Being in a school enviornment and the very lax discipline for mobile devices these days,can make for some very big fluctuations in bandwidth usage as we do not have any of our AP's passworded or hidden SSID's. It is about to the point were over the summer,I believe we will have to go to a passworded AP access. Every kid from 5-18 even if they are poor as church mice has a mobile device at this stage.
    I have always used the ISP's dns servers as monitor IP's for each gateway and thought of switching over to the actual gateway IP just so I dont see so much fluctuation,,just as a 'physcological' thing to make me feel better. :-)

    Thank You,

  • Best to use something on the Internet, or at least on your ISP's network like their DNS servers as you're doing, to actually measure connectivity through your connection not just to a router that's probably sitting right by the firewall depending on what type of connection you have. Yes when your connection is under load near or at its limit, latency and jitter are going to increase, that's just a fact of networking. Where it's most useful is seeing significant loss or high latency or jitter when it's not near its limit, which is helpful to show problems with your connection, especially in the past if it's something that happens overnight or otherwise at a time when you can't catch it while it's happening.

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