Problem with dhcp on wan interface

  • Hello all,

    quick question hopefully.

    I just made the transition from ipcop to pfsense (huge imrpovement if you ask me). Love all the extra features, but running into one issue.  Everything runs great for a while, however when i wake up in the morning, the internal network is still up, but access to the outside world is down.  When i go into the interface status page, both my wan connections show as not having an ip address.  I hit the renew button, and both interfaces lease a new valid address and everything is back-up and running.  However, it never seems to be able to do this automatically.  My isp is zoomtown, so i don't have static ip address, it's all assigned through dhcp.  However, when i was with ipcop, the address was never forcefully changed, unless i had to reboot the box, or forced an ip release, renew.  Is there an option that i am missing somewhere that will automatically lease a new address, or something? im lost on this one.

    The past couple days, i hooked up my ipcop box, and throughout all the pfsense connection issues, ipcop is running fine, so i don't think it's an isp issue?

    Current Setup:

    High Speed Modem
    Unmanaged Switch(To hand out mulitple external ip's)
                      |                            |
              PFSense WAN1          PFSense WAN2

    Thanks for your time folks!

  • You fail to mention which version you are running so we cannot comment.

  • Dumb me…


    built on Sun Oct 29 01:07:16 UTC 2006

  • Please upgrade to 1.2beta1. It has newer freebsd version along with dhcp client fixes.

  • Try 1.2-BETA-1.  A ton of DHCLIENT bugs where fixed.

    It is QUITE stable.

  • will do that now, that for the suggestions.

    And btw, great forums!  Keep up the great work.

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